CBL & Jean School Creative Collaboration.

Crescent Bahuman Ltd. and Jean School / Amsterdam creatively join forces to bring the best in design, research and development.

We’re elated here at Crescent Bahuman to venture off creatively and join forces with relevant entities out there. There are many collaborations that have taken place but close to none that feels this right. Business shall remain businesses; but we innately believe not only in the greater good but also in nourishing the cream we already have.

CBL, only technically is termed as a denim Mill, but is home to a collective decades of years celebrating indigo culture and passionately producing denim. We are home to all those experts and gurus who speak to the fabric and take pride in present day fashion anomalies. CBL as we lovingly call it, now shall collaborate with foreign students to implement their design, to understand further where these young and fresh perspective may take us.

Jeans School; the first and only denim school brewing amidst the denim centre; Amsterdam. It is a cool and feel-good educational premise providing state of the art denim craftsmanship and relevant denim directions to its students.

Globally, Amsterdam has the largest density of denim brands such as G-Star RAW, Denham, KOI and Scotch & Soda; to name some, but brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein have their head offices breathing in Amsterdam. This creates a continuous demand for denim talent as denim gains further popularity in Europe and now around the world.

Mr. Giovani Petrin; chief inspirational officer at CBL and a popular denim figure along with Ms. Mira Copini; Principal to Jeans School, Amsterdam instigated a discussion about the importance of communication between the youth of fashion district and the fabricators and mills around the world. Both being mentors in their own perspective embarked an initiative to churn out a project within the program that can cater to the future designer’s skill and exposure; and to Crescent Bahuman to accept the challenge of being truly global, a vision Giovani Petrin believes ever so.

We have a chance to introduce the fabrication perspective to the design mind. This will only polish both collaborators. I’m excited.” says Mr. Giovani about this initiative

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