Crescent 25th Anniversary

Crescent Bühumán Limited is pleased to announce its 25th anniversary.

We are proud to celebrate our Community and unique Ecosystem, which has sparked a cultural change, through a fine art photographic book printed in limited edition.

Through the artistic point of view of two photographers, who have curated 25 iconic shots, we enter the vibrant world of our Ecosystem, a rich and self-sustaining environment which distinguishes CBL from other conventional denim facilities.

Through a poetic lens, this Book encapsulates the values and daily commitment of CBL, which is focused on each and every human being and the betterment of their lives and habitat.

In every still frame, sustainability and awareness emerges at a 360 degree perspective and in essence, personifies what we have achieved through 25 years of persevering to positively impact important, yet often forgotten facets of everyday life, such as:

education, work, nature, water saving, waste recycling and responsibility for future generations.

The project started in 1992, when 500 acres of marshland was recovered and converted into a vibrant, self sustaining Ecosystem.

Since 1994, the date our industrial operations began, we have planted over 850,000 trees on site, which server as testimant to our ethos that man, nature and industry can indeed coexist. This, along with the introduction of varioujs species of flora and fauna, have allowed our community to maintain a delicate balance while respecting nature’s equilibrium.

The factory grounds have blossomed into what could be considered a tiny city in its own right, with housing for over 3,000 permanent resident. All residents enjoy uninterrupted power of which 50% is due to be converted into Solar by 2020.

The facility maintains a vocational training centre as well as a non profit Primary and Secondary school on the premises. In addition to our educational initiatives, CBL actively promotes gender equality in the workplace employing over 1500 women.

Our female employees are also encouraged to participate in various seminars organized in collaboration with associations such as HER projectTM on site which include discussions ranging from health, preventable diseases, and self defense.

“Care for the environment is the act of caring for the community and for ourselves”


Enter into the artistic narration of our Ecosystem through 25 curated still frames which follow these main values:

GENERATION grow in a positive environment, where knowledge passes through experiences

WATER safeguarding and defending the primary resource for life

SUSTENANCE gestures and actions that help the community to eat health everyday

EMPOWERMENT the richness of a community goes through the enhancement of all its elements

AGRICULTURE harmony with nature and our respect for the use of resources while providing nourishment for our community and wild life

EDUCATION access to schooling to ensure continuity of our community’s core values

MOBILITY sustainability and everyday mobility through freedom and security

SPONTANEITY the wonders that surround us, the search of beauty in all small things

GROWING the honest daily work to revitalize the earth and plant new seeds

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