Redefining denim for those who can tell the difference.

Theres a hint of excitement in the air as Crescent Bahuman Ltd (CBL), Pakistan’s first vertically integrated denim facility, prepares to unveil its carefully curated capsule collection called Indigo Society at Kingpins Amsterdam next week.

Indigo Society is a concept aimed at creating a gender neutral line of premium, formal wear denim fabrics.  Although CBL had hinted at such a concept previously, its details remained shrouded in secrecy… till now.

According to Aurangzeb Shafi, CBL’s Creative Director, the company was determined to encapsulate all of denim’s beautiful properties, including the MOST beloved one of all, the natural fade:

“Indigo Society is an ode to elaborate affairs of bygone eras, think Gatsby!  It’s an inclusive club which celebrates all forms of individuality, including that of denim itself. Each fabric lives a life of its own while leaving subtle impressions and memories that reflect the unique, one-of-a-kind story of those who adorn it  “

“The idea of creating formal wear fabrics that mimic denim’s colour is not new however we aren’t here to create an optical illusion.  We’re here for the real deal!”

“We’ve been working relentlessly to infuse denim’s natural behaviour into these fabrics without comprising on flair or functionality. These premium luxury fabrics are not only ideal for a bespoke blazer but also for the shirt, trouser or skirt that perfectly compliments it.”

All denim enthusiasts are cordially invited to view the capsule collection at Kingpins Amsterdam, 18-19 April, 2018.

Indigo Society, redefining denim for those who can tell the difference.

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